Hi, you can call me Akasyan.

I am an artist and a 3D Modeler formely known as N7Tali and Hugin&Munin in the game modding community. You can follow me on Instagram, join my discord server and support me as well!

Open for Commissions

I'm open for modding*, 3D modeling & rendering commissions.

You can check my mods on the Nexus Mods page.

*Modding has a very wide category of games, so please, contact me to discuss which game you want a character to be modded on, and if it will or not be possible to.

Follow me on Instagram

If you want to see some of my artwork, then you should follow me on my instagram for more. The plan is to post once a week if nothing gets in the way.

Join my discord server!

By joining my server you will know everything that I do, and you will have a community to interact with.

You will also gonna be able to talk to me for commissions and more.

Support me!

By supporting me, you gonna help me stay focus on what I do, and in exchange, you will be able to get exclusive items or items that are temporarily in test mode before the public release. You will also help me grow as an artist and a modder. Optionally, you can just Donate.

Your support is important!

Check out my Patreon!

There, you will have access to exclusive or temporary unreleased mods, able to test upcoming WIPs and able to download HD renderings. Your support is important for me to keep making good quality mods and renderings.

Right now, my patreon only has 2 mods for Battlefront II, this will change with upcoming games.